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Fort Worth – more memories…

Hi, Friends…

From Eagle Mountain Lake, we come back to Copperhead Hill and take a walk around. Back in the 1950s-1970s, the area was pretty much ours. There were Continue reading


Onward to Fort Worth – Pt 2

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It’s now time to continue on with our journey to Fort Worth. We can’t stay at the roadside park picnicking forever, now, can we? We continued on through various little towns and down various scenic roads until we drove through Lake Worth, which was just south of Fort Worth. Our anticipation and excitement began to mount as we arrived at the Jacksboro Highway, for we knew what would soon be up ahead! It wouldn’t be long, now, until we reached our destination… Continue reading

Onward to Fort Worth

Hello, Friends–

In previous posts I shared with you about our family trips to Sargent Beach where my mom’s parents had property, and our adventures at their beach houses. Now, we’re going the other direction…north to Fort Worth, Texas where my dad’s parents lived. Those were longer trips…in the early days, before highways, it would be close to a 8 hour trip. After the highways were built, it was more like 6 hours. The night before we were to leave, Continue reading