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It’s Autumn in Houston!

It’s that time again…

The changing of the clocks, fall back one hour, 

A chill in the air one day, turn on the a/c the next,

Thanksgiving next week…can you believe it?

Our church’s choir is already into full-swing Christmas music rehearsals,

‘The Really, Really Big Christmas Show’ rehearsals are underway

(If you’re wondering what that is all about, check out) 


Everyone planning vacation time with family and loved ones, or to just enjoy this time of the year and prepare for Christmas,

And the list goes on…

Where does the time go? What are you doing with that time? What festivities or ‘fun’ time are you planning for?

See you soon!


Happy Autumn, Friends!

Living here in what is, for most of the year, hot, humid Houston, I find it very refreshing and really quite exciting during those first days of fall when we get that first cool weather…or as my Mom used to say, that first “hint of mint”! We in Houston were blessed with that first cool weather last week.

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