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Thinking about… Life’s Anniversaries

Here it is…August of 2017. More than half of this year has already whizzed by. I’ve been reminiscing about past Augusts of my life, especially this past week. I knew that August 20th seemed familiar somehow, but couldn’t quite place its significance. Then, I remembered…It was on Wednesday, August 20, 1975, that I began my first job, and what an experience it was, at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Bank, which is now known, simply as, The Blood Center.

Now, you may ask, “How did you come to get this job and embark on this adventure”? I’m so glad you asked. Allow me to answer that question. You see, there was a time when I thought I wanted to be a nurse. If you read my earlier post about my heart surgery, you will remember that time of my life back in 1963. Back in those days, a child patient had one nurse who ministered to them during their entire hospital experience. I remember my nurse very fondly and she obviously loved her job. She was such an inspiration to me that I thought at the time that I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up, “just like her”.

As I got older, though, Continue reading


Hello, friends…My first post


Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web. My name is Darla and this is my debut into the wonderful, fascinating world of blogging…and the very creative world of WordPress.  There is so much here for me to see, learn and experience. It will be quite an adventure, and, as you will see in the coming days, my entire life has been quite an adventure.

I will be starting out just sharing some of my life experiences with you…a virtual potpourri of things that I hope you will enjoy.

Thanks so much for stopping by!