Birthday Celebrations

A very special part of my family childhood memories was the celebration of birthdays. I always loved birthdays because my family always made them special. The ‘birthday bird’, or the one whose birthday we were observing, was always treated like the most important person in the world for that day. When I was in grade school, I read a story about a family that celebrated birthdays by giving the birthday bird the privilege of choosing whatever they wanted for dinner. I told my mom about this story

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Black Friday…then and now

Black Friday is the name given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving. Wow…have things ever changed since the 1960s – 1980s. Back in my early adult years, the shopping day after Thanksgiving was simply called the first shopping day of the Christmas Season! I have very fond memories of those days…a part of my “family traditions and experiences” times in my life.

You see, back in those days, my Grandparents on my Dad’s side (that would be grandmamma and Grandpapa Jones) would come in to Houston from Fort Worth (have you seen my Fort Worth posts?) to spend Thanksgiving with us. We would all enjoy a wonderful and festive Thanksgiving Day meal and usually watch a football game or two, back in the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Oilers days!

The next day was shopping day for the Jones girls…Grandmama, Mom and me. We made a day of it, leaving around 9:30-10:00 a.m. and driving out to either Almeda Mall or the Galleria. It was a time of looking around, enjoying the Christmas decorations, people watching, shopping for those first gifts of the season and just overall having a great time.  We would see quite a few people out there, but there was never a parking problem nor a crowd problem. We would spend most of the day at the mall and finally come back home around 6:00 p.m. and begin to warm up the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner…so, we would actually have our turkey dinner 2 nights in a row!

In this day and age, from what I’ve heard on T.V. and read online, the day after Thanksgiving is now referred to as Black Friday and is a madhouse. In many places, it has actually turned into a day of violence as shoppers fight to get their share of the latest gifts. It doesn’t sound like the 21st century shopping experience is any fun now days.

I much prefer the simpler times and simpler gift giving traditions. There are people I know who actually make baked goods to give to friends for Christmas…something that they made…put a lot of thought and love into. I enjoy the store-bought gifts, too, but given with love by loved ones for the right reason.

Remember, friends, the Reason for the Season!

Thanksgiving Memories

God's Bountiful Blessings

As a child, I was blessed to be part of a family in which tradition was very important. We celebrated birthdays, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Easter Sunday, Christmas… and Mom and Daddy thrilled us kids by making a big event out of all of these special occasions. That’s why one particular Thanksgiving seems to stand out in my memory…

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The Fort Worth Journey…the later years

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Onward to Fort Worth – Pt 2

Hello Friends,

It’s now time to continue on with our journey to Fort Worth. We can’t stay at the roadside park picnicking forever, now, can we? We continued on through various little towns and down various scenic roads until we drove through Lake Worth, which was just south of Fort Worth. Our anticipation and excitement began to mount as we arrived at the Jacksboro Highway, for we knew what would soon be up ahead! It wouldn’t be long, now, until we reached our destination… Continue reading

Onward to Fort Worth

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In previous posts I shared with you about our family trips to Sargent Beach where my mom’s parents had property, and our adventures at their beach houses. Now, we’re going the other direction…north to Fort Worth, Texas where my dad’s parents lived. Those were longer trips…in the early days, before highways, it would be close to a 8 hour trip. After the highways were built, it was more like 6 hours. The night before we were to leave, Continue reading