Birthday Celebrations

A very special part of my family childhood memories was the celebration of birthdays. I always loved birthdays because my family always made them special. The ‘birthday bird’, or the one whose birthday we were observing, was always treated like the most important person in the world for that day. When I was in grade school, I read a story about a family that celebrated birthdays by giving the birthday bird the privilege of choosing whatever they wanted for dinner. I told my mom about this story

and she made the birthday dinner a part of our family tradition. 

I was always a big fan of chocolate, so for most of my formative years, I requested a chocolate cake for my birthday cake. My brother’s favorite was pineapple upside down cake. My dad was a steak lover, so Mom would cook T-Bone steaks for his birthday and as for me…well, it was always barbecued chicken!

Then, there were the beautiful cards and the very special gifts that we would receive, but, looking back over the years now, as an adult, the greatest gift was having such an amazing family to share the celebrations with.

Since Mom and Daddy have passed on, I have some very precious friends that help me celebrate my birthday each year. This year, a friend of mine from the Second Baptist Choir helped me celebrate my special day. She and I met at La Madeleine’s French Cafe’ in Rice Village for lunch and she treated. I also had received an email coupon for a free desert, so I was able to able to get a Sacher (chocolate… what else?) Torte which was actually big enough for the two of us to share. My friend also gave me a lovely birthday card.

You know, The Lord is so gracious with His Gifts, too. It says in His Word, that “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from the Father of Lights, with Whom is no variableness neither shadow of turning.” (James 1:17)

He knows just who and what we need and He know just who to use to bless us in any given occasion!

Thank you, Lord and thank you, Allyson, for making my birthday, 2013 extra special!!!


4 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations

  1. Happy Birthday – wow – thought of you on your day and didn’t realize it was your BD. I sent you a msg via your last post – did you get it? I emailed you at Easter time, did you get it? I need your email – evidently don’t have the right one.

    • Hi, Fran
      Thanks for keeping up with my blog posts. I really appreciate it, and thanks for thinking of me on my birthday! I realized later that I didn’t even say in my post when my b’day was, but since the post was 6 months late anyway, I didn’t put April 26 in there…I just wanted everyone to know what a blessed time it was.
      Thanks for your comments and for your little nudges to keep doing these posts.
      God Bless you,

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