Thanksgiving Memories

God's Bountiful Blessings

As a child, I was blessed to be part of a family in which tradition was very important. We celebrated birthdays, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Easter Sunday, Christmas… and Mom and Daddy thrilled us kids by making a big event out of all of these special occasions. That’s why one particular Thanksgiving seems to stand out in my memory…

There was one year, when I was just a little girl, (I think it was in the early 1960’s) when times were especially hard for my parents, financially. Daddy wasn’t making very much in wages in those days and money was getting very tight. Mom was frustrated because she couldn’t give us the quality of Thanksgiving that she longed to lavish upon us. I remember going into the kitchen and asking her if we were having a turkey for Thanksgiving, upon which she replied, “We’re having eggs!!!”, almost shouting the words. Of course, those words just devastated this little girl because in those days, we had eggs for supper quite often, so that didn’t seem very special to me. I hadn’t learned at that young age, to be thankful for whatever food was provided for us.
As I stood there in shock, with my lower lip quivering, Daddy walked up to Mom, slipped his arm around her waist, put a $10.00 bill into her hand and asked, “Will this cover Thanksgiving dinner?” Keep in mind, now, that in those days, $10.00 was a lot of money. 

Mom looked at the $10.00 bill incredulously and said to Daddy, “Yes! That will be enough.” When we sat down to Thanksgiving dinner that year, you wouldn’t believe the feast that we had…or maybe you would. 

A Wonderful Feast!

The Lord provided for our family through a co-worker of Daddy’s who knew of our financial situation and knew that he had 2 little children who needed to be blessed with a generous Thanksgiving meal. This person was able to give Daddy the extra bit of money that we needed in order to meet that need. That is how The Lord works. Many times He uses people to bless people in need. I never knew who that human angel was, but if he/she (or any of his/her family) is reading this, now that I’m old enough to appreciate it and say it myself…Thank you!


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