Childhood Dreams

We all have them. God gave us an inborn desire to dream, to have goals. We’ve had people…family, friends, neighbors, etc., ask us a thousand times, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”My very first ambition in life was to be an actress. I loved doing the plays in high school and cute little skits in other organizations throughout my growing up years. I think that I would still like to try some acting at one point or another, although my weakness is memorization. How do actors memorize all those lines, anyway?

As I moved along in life, I wanted to be a ballet dancer. I had the opportunity to try that when I took three years of ballet in the form of adult exercise classes. It was a great experience, I learned a lot and I discovered that ballet exercises work pretty much every muscle in your body!

At another time, I thought I wanted to become a teacher, but I’m not real sure about that now. Then, there was the florist dream. I went to a floral design school for about 3 years, learning all about combining various flowers, plants,¬†leather leaf¬†fern, baby’s breath, etc. to create beautiful arrangements. I discovered, over a period of time, that floral arranging is an art which, either you have it or you don’t, and…I don’t think I did. Moving right along…

Then, there was the court reporter dream. I didn’t even pursue that one. Can’t type fast enough!

The nursing dream came along as a result of my heart surgery experience (more about that in my next post…)

I really honor and respect all of those who have pursued those various ambitions and attained them. This world needs every one of them.

The only dream that I ever had that still burns within my soul is the singing dream. God gifted me with a love of music and a singing voice that blesses many people. I am from a very musical family. My dad sang and played the drums and saxophone in a night club band before he and my mom were married. He had a beautiful bass voice and even wrote some amazing country love songs years ago. He has passed on now, but he left us with a legacy of music appreciation. My mom has passed on also, but she had a great alto voice and was a natural harmonizer; in fact, a lot of what I know about harmonizing was learned from her. She and I used to sing duets together, while we were cooking dinner! My brother was a singer in a band at one time…so you see, I am blessed to have a rich musical heritage.

Quite a bit of the singing experience that I have is in choirs. I started in choir in elementary school, sang in the 7th grade chorus in Junior High School and had my first choir audition during that time in order to see if I could be accepted into the big choir for the 8th and 9th graders! My audition was terrible. I was so nervous that I could hardly carry a tune, but the choir director was very gracious and encouraging. The audition was the day before the Christmas break and I had to wait an agonizing 2 weeks to find out if I had been accepted. Have you ever prayed the same prayer over and over again, thinking that the more often you prayed that prayer the more likely the Lord would be to answer you? That’s the way I used to believe that it worked. One hundred times a day for 2 weeks I would pray, “Dear God, please let me get into the choir.” That’s what I called persistence…or maybe it was desperation. On the first day back to school, January 2, 1969 I went back to my homeroom class and during that period of time, a student messenger delivered a note to Mr. Evans, my homeroom teacher. The message was for me. As I opened the note and read it, my excitement knew no bounds as I read that I had been accepted into the choir!!!!! The next thing that I had to do was to get Mr. Evans’ signature, the signature of the 7th grade chorus teacher and finally the choir director’s signature. As I walked down the hallway towards the staircase leading up to each teacher’s respective classroom, I stopped in front of a row of orange lockers and prayed to receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I was so overwhelmed that He cared enough and loved me enough to answer my simple prayer with all the other business in the universe that He had to take care of, then I knew that I wanted Him as my Saviour and Lord. To this day, I celebrate January 2nd of each year as my “spiritual” birthday.

Later on, during my 9th grade year, that same choir director encouraged me to enter the annual UIL solo contest. He selected the song for me…The Evening Prayer from Hansel and Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck. I went with some of my fellow choir members to contest, sang my song with every ounce of my being shaking. Interestingly enough, my judge was a young man whose last name was also Jones. When I had finished the song, I left the room, went to be with my best friend at that time and started crying, just because I needed to release the emotion that I was feeling. When the scores were published, guess what? I made a rating of a #1!!! I was excited beyond belief. Later, when I received my critique sheet back from the judge, the comment section contained two words: “Keep singing”… and you know what? I’ve been singing ever since.

More about music soon…


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