The Fort Worth Journey…the later years

Hello, friends

Thanks for joining me on this trip to Fort Worth. I want to “wrap this up” and lead you all onward to more adventures in my life’s journey, but first, I would love to share with you the special times that my family and I had on our Fort Worth trek during the later years…after the completion of I-45 North…

During the earlier years, we had to take little two-lane highways which made our trip much longer. Then, later on we were able to get on I-45 North and the trip still seemed long, but it was considerably shorter than it was before. Along the way, we had almost as much fun on the trip itself as we did when we actually spent time time in Fort Worth. The first thing we always looked forward to with eager anticipation was breakfast at the “Hungry Hobo” Restaurant in Madisonville. (By the way, if any of you remember or recognize any of the these places, I’d love to hear about your experiences). My Dad and brother would always get a “short stack” (pancakes). Mom and I would always get scrambled eggs. This place had fabulous food and good service. Another thing I remember was how cold it was in there! Mom would always have to go back out to the car to get our sweaters so that we could enjoy our breakfast in comfort.

After a delicious breakfast, we would get back into the car and continue on our trip. At various and sundry times during the trip, Daddy would have to stop for gas. In those days, most gas stations had a snack vending machine supplied by a company called “Lance”. This company supplied cookies, crackers, peanut bars, etc. On the front of the machine was Lance’s slogan which read, “Don’t go ’round hungry!”

Lance Vintage Machine

Lance - Don't go 'round hungry!

We continued on until we came to the exit which took us through Ennis, Texas…a little German town. On one occasion, we went through the town on the Saturday that they were having their German Festival. We didn’t realize that we were going to be in on a parade! There were people lining the streets on both sides, a big banner across the street above us, and an “oom-pah-pah” band playing music. It was really an interesting event! As we drove onward, I looked forward to driving through Waxahachie, where there is a stunningly beautiful courthouse. Somewhere along the way, I would fall asleep, but I always asked Mom to wake me up when we approached the Waxahachie  courthouse and I even have pictures of it that I took at one time.

As we began to get closer to Fort Worth, we would go down a road called “Roberts Cut-off” and shortly after that, we would come to a place where there was a major dip in the road, almost like a mini roller coaster ride. As Daddy would drive down and then up that stretch of road, we kids would squeal with delight and say, “Do it again, Daddy, do it again!” and you know what? Daddy would turn the car around, go back the other way and let us experience the thrill again. That became a traditional part of the trip. We would drive on and pass Castleberry Baptist Church and, once we got onto the Jacksboro Highway, we would pass Vance Godbey’s Smorgasbord and, as we got closer to our turn-off, we would pass “The Old Hobnob”. We knew that when we passed it, we were almost there!  You can refer back to earlier posts to read about what the “ranch” was like and the adventures that we had.

Grandma was a fabulous cook and most of the time, we feasted on her great home cooking, including boysenberry cobbler for dessert! Once in a while, however, we would go a cafeteria in the area. The grandparents knew how much Daddy loved cafeterias and there was one either in Fort Worth or Lake Worth called “The Colonial Cafeteria”.  We would enjoy their great food and give Grandma the night off from cooking.

When it was time for us to begin the trip back to Houston, we would get back onto the Highway and, at about the halfway point, we would stop at “Stuckey’s Pecan Shoppe”. I don’t remember exactly which town is was close to, but I definitely remember Stuckey’s. It was a combination gas station, snack shop and gift shop. Daddy would stop for gas and we would all stop for hamburgers and milkshakes! Wow, was that ever a treat! They made excellent food and we would spend a good while looking around in the gift shop area. After stretching our legs and resting for a bit, we would take our food with us and, with a full tank of gas, full taste buds, tummies and a full heart full of memories, we would drive on in to Houston, Texas to our little green and white house on Sue Ellen Street.


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