From Fort Worth to Vernon…and back again

Hello, friends

I need to share this experience with you all. On one occasion when we went to Fort Worth, the parents and grandparents decided to pack all of us up in the car and make a trip to Vernon, Texas. My dad was born in McKinney, Texas and spent a lot of his growing up years in

Vernon and Wichita Falls. We all were privileged to hear many stories about his days in this area of North Texas. Daddy had an aunt and uncle who lived in Vernon. The aunt was actually Grandma’s sister and they almost looked like identical twins. The aunt’s name, believe it or not, was Ben and the uncle’s name was Ralph. (Do those sound like two country names, or what?!) We made a full day of it, driving the highway to Vernon and arriving at Ben and Ralph’s house. Being filled with the country hospitality that they were, Ben had a big meal prepared for us upon our arrival. We sat around and mostly listened to Ben tell stories…she was funny! She mainly talked about Thanksgiving dinners that she had enjoyed over the years and how she especially loved the rolls and butter. Then she would let out this little “oooooh” sound that sent everyone at the table into gales of laughter.  Ben tried to talk us into spending the night, but we hadn’t packed any pj’s, toothbrushes, etc. Ben jokingly said that she would pass around her toothbrush for all of us to use. (eeeeewwwwww)

After a very enjoyable time with my great-aunt and uncle, we all knew that it was time to hit the road and head back to the ranch.  On the way back to Fort Worth, we decided to stop at one of those hotel restaurants for coffee and a snack. Guess what? I can still remember to this day…this is where I had my very first cup of coffee! You talk about feeling grown up?! This was just another one of my special memories of my growing up years with the family and grandparents in Fort Worth.

I have one more adventure to share with you before I bring you back home to Houston and onward to more adventures on my life’s journey.

Stay tuned…


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