Fort Worth – Eagle Mountain Lake

Hello, Friends!

Here’s another tidbit from my experiences in Fort Worth. Since my grandparents lived on top of a hill, you could go out in their “back yard” area and, looking northward, you could see, way off in the distance, a white house on a hill. When you looked at it through a pair of binoculars, you could see that this house was

really more like a mansion. This fascinated me for many years; in fact, the whole family would go outside and look at that mansion off in the distance. We asked the grandparents about it  and they said that the hill on which the house stood was located on “Eagle Mountain Lake”. This is a marina-type of resort north of Fort Worth.

One day, the grandparents decided to take us all to go see Eagle Mountain Lake and the “mysterious mansion” live and in person! We were so excited!!! We made the drive, about 30 minutes to the marina-resort. We were actually able to drive right up to the mansion and drive around the property at the foot of the hill. It was so exciting to be able to see, up close and personal, that house which had captured our imaginations throughout all of those years.  The whole resort area was very beautiful and it was a truly enjoyable afternoon drive…the best part being to see that mansion.  A couple of months ago, just for fun, I went into Google to try to find out if that house was still there. To my amazement and joy, there was a link to an article about that house. It talked about the history of the house…it was named after the man who built it for his bride many years ago. Silly me, I didn’t print it out or add it to my “Favorites” like I should have and now…you guessed it, I can’t find that information anywhere!  If any of you have any information about that white house on the hill at Eagle Mountain Lake (this would have been during the 1960s-1970s), please share!

Until next time!


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