Fort Worth – The Propane Truck Arrives

Hello, Friends-

Here is a quick memory, for those of you who are familiar with Propane…

On various and sundry occasions during our times at “the ranch”, the propane truck would pay Grandpapa a visit. There was a propane tank in the back yard and it would have to be refilled/serviced from time to time. When the truck came rolling down the road, I was always fascinated by what was going on. Grandpapa would go outside and meet the delivery man. I never actually watched the process, but recently, I have wondered exactly what Grandpapa used his propane for…lights, cooking, heat, etc.

I just wanted to share that little tidbit of what was just one of many of my memories of our trips to see our Grandparents.

Have any of you had experience with backyard propane tanks and the use of propane? Please share!

Until next time…


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