Onward to Fort Worth

Hello, Friends–

In previous posts I shared with you about our family trips to Sargent Beach where my mom’s parents had property, and our adventures at their beach houses. Now, we’re going the other direction…north to Fort Worth, Texas where my dad’s parents lived. Those were longer trips…in the early days, before highways, it would be close to a 8 hour trip. After the highways were built, it was more like 6 hours. The night before we were to leave, Daddy would take the car (our 1951 Ford, which we fondly named “Lizzy”), and back it into the driveway so that when the time came to take off, we would all pile into the car, long before daylight, and Daddy would simply put the car in “D” for Drive and pull straight out of the driveway, into the street and begin our journey. Behind the back seat, at the top, right below the back window was a shelf-like ledge where one could place pillows, blankets, etc. It actually made a type of bed for one of us kids to lay on. (Don’t worry, friends…this was long before the days of seat belts and car seats! We felt perfectly safe.) We could look up, and straight out the window. Since it was still dark when we left the house, you could look out of that window and see the stars. It was amazing! Also, in the early days, there were no restaurants or other eating establishments along the road, so, my mom, being as resourceful as she was, would be up the night before, frying chicken to be put into an ice chest along with cold drinks and bread and butter for sandwiches. There were plenty of picnic areas along the route and we would simply stop and enjoy our lunch at a picnic table under the shade trees whenever we felt like it was time to stop for a break.

Stay tuned for more!


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