Sargent Beach, Pt2 – The Aftermath of “Carla”

When you read my post about Sargent Beach, you will see my reference to our original beach house on the Gulf of Mexico which was demolished by Hurricane Carla in 1961. I just discovered something incredible about the time line of Carla. Did you know that Carla made landfall on September 11, 1961? I almost got goosebumps when I saw that in one of the articles that I read!

September, 1961

Hurricane Carla on Radar September, 1961

I would like to tell you a little bit about our family experiences the first couple of times that we went back to the beach house (or, what used to be the beach house) to survey the situation and see not only how our property was affected, but what adventures we made out of those trips. I can remember certain members of my family going down to the beach and just walking and looking. In the process of destroying the houses along the beach, the category 4-5 winds blew all kinds of objects out and onto the sandy beach. The things that I mainly remember seeing were kitchen utensils and even cook pots; things that people had used in their kitchens and cooked meals with were laying, some half buried in the sand. There was probably a wide variety of other items also, from plain ordinary objects to rich treasures. My mom and aunt began from that time forward one of their favorite past times… that of beach combing, just walking along the beach, listening to the ocean waves crashing to the shore and looking for all the myriad of treasures to be found.  They also found some very beautiful and unusual seashells, which Mom would collect and bring home to use in very creative ways.

Not to change the subject, but as far back as I can remember, I had always been “horse-crazy”. I loved horses, and anything that resembled a horse would become my playtime friend for hours. Mom was out on the beach one day and she discovered a piece of driftwood, or maybe it was a branch from a tree that had been blown to that particular place on the beach. That piece of wood looked just like a little horse. Mom spotted it first and went to get me. She walked her little 6-year-old girl over to where it was and the second I laid eyes on it, I saw exactly what she knew that I would see…a horse! That was it for me. I “got on that horse”,  so excited and happy as a lark. I was completely contented for a good white, just riding on my horse. After a while, playtime was over and Mom and I moved on to the next adventure in beach combing.

Between the time that we lost the first beach house and the time that the beach houses along the Intracoastal Canal were finished, we would go the original beach house site, pitch little canopy-style tents, have cook-outs and enjoy playing in the Gulf waters. We still found ways to enjoy the beach and each other!


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