Happy Autumn, Friends!

Living here in what is, for most of the year, hot, humid Houston, I find it very refreshing and really quite exciting during those first days of fall when we get that first cool weather…or as my Mom used to say, that first “hint of mint”! We in Houston were blessed with that first cool weather last week.

Beautiful autumn leaves

Beautiful Autumn Leaves

This is just one of the many splendid things about autumn… the beautiful colors of the leaves on the trees and the cool, crisp air that greets and energizes you as you open the door to go outside. I especially love it when that cool temperature lasts all day! It’s amazing how just that little change in the weather brings a special little thrill to my heart…to know that God is favoring us with this annual treat! Autumn was my Dad’s favorite time of the year, when it started getting cooler and, later in the fall, it became just on the verge of cold…or at least a chill in the air. Daddy referred to it as “light jacket weather” and he loved it! So do I, and I hope and pray that we have an autumn this year that lasts for a while! Can you believe that it’s already October?! Please share your comments with me about the changing seasons in your corner of the world, and … Happy Autumn, Everyone.

Multi-color Autumn leaf

Autumn Leaf Changing Colors


2 thoughts on “Happy Autumn, Friends!

  1. This weekend, in Taiwan, the Chinese people will celebrate their Fall festival = Middle Autumn festival – in Chinese “Zhōng qiū jié” check out the link for info:

    As for the temperature – it is beginning to cool off a little (78-86F), but it also means typhoon weather, so we are currently expecting to get hit by 2 typhoons.

    As for Americans living in a Chinese culture, their idea of BBQ and ours are totally different. We aren’t used to all the smells on the street – they grill a lot of squid, other fish, and other meats (often un-identifiable) on the grill on the side of the street. I think I will put some pork loins in the crock pot and pour on some real BBQ Sauce for some pulled pork sandwiches 🙂

    • Thanks, Fran, for your fabulous feedback! I will enjoy reading the articles in your attached links. We had a whopper of a rainstorm during the wee hours of this morning and praise the Lord, we did need the rain. Talk to you soon.
      Darla 🙂

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