Happy July 4th Everyone!

I would like to share with you all some memories and thoughts about my family’s celebration of the 4th of July and transitioning into present day traditions.

My earliest recollection the 4th of July was my Daddy packing us all up in the family car and heading down to the closest fireworks stand along the road. Back in the 1960’s and maybe even into the 1970’s fireworks were still OK to shoot off in our big metropolitan Houston area. My Dad and brother shot bottle rockets out of empty Coke bottles and I, still being little, was limited to sparklers (remember those?), although that was a big enough thrill for me! When it got dark enough, we would all go out into the back yard and begin the fun. Daddy would light my sparkler, with Mom standing by keeping a close watch, while Dad and brother reveled in the excitement of the bottle rockets. It was great fun…a part of  the memories of the “good old days” of my childhood.

Today is a little different. Because fireworks are now prohibited in the city limits, one needs to go to an approved public place where the fireworks are being displayed. Although they are such a spectacular sight to behold, this year, there are certain safety precautions due to our unusually hot weather and the drought that Houston has been having.  I didn’t get to see them this year, but that’s OK because, as you will see, there were other very special events happening, too!

This year was a little out of the ordinary because the 4th of July fell on a Saturday and there were two special events on the same day. Beginning in the morning, my neighborhood had a parade which was sponsored by our community association. Then, various festivities continued into the afternoon, when all participants ultimately gathered at our community center. At this time, all the neighbors enjoyed food, fun and games. This year, however, I was spending the majority of my day getting ready for the next very special event.

My church had our annual patriotic musical concert, honoring God and Country, complete with the “Salute to the Armed Forces” which is always a favorite amongst singers and audience alike. I am a member of the choir, so I really get a thrill out of this. This year, we had the honor of having, as our guest speaker, Congressman John Culberson.  He did a fabulous job of blessing us with a very inspirational speech/message.  We also had as our special musical guests, the Mark Trammel Trio. They did a great job and were very well received by all who attended this service.  The special concert concluded with an altar call, as people came forward to either receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, join our church, or both! This was a fantastic conclusion to a wonderful birthday celebration of our great U.S. of A.

See you all at the next milepost of the journey…


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